With light E3 plans, is Sony preparing for PS5 in 2019?

InKnight7s37m ago

Why would sony release PS5?

I mean sony beated MS so hard with no way to comeback this gen with selling more than double.
And switch is just an ok hybird console with nothing much to do with with being last gen ports console. This gen Sony is in position of Wii with no way to beat it, but only this time Sony is competing with everything, casual, hardcore, platform, 4k, RPG, JRPG, ND sutdio, the most selling SE games console by far, RE7 VR, MH:World almost looks like an exclusive with so few people from Xbox community that’s care about it. Hit 100 mil is so possible even before PS5. Don’t forget that sony yet have to release PS Now worldwide that would support the sales.

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