10 Sony E3 2018 Games That Could Make This Year’s Show Legendary

showtimefolks8m ago(Edited 6m ago)

we may see a trailer for shenmue 3(could also be at gamescom,tgs or psx)

too soon for nioh 2(announcement wise)

uncharted VR isn’t happening. Uncharted in general won’t be happening until we are few years into ps5(by bluepoint games i predict)

the last of us 2 is confirmed by sony to be at E3

it is time for until dawn 2 but that could be a gamescom type announcement or psx

sly cooper would be cool

so would be a new ratchet and clank

would love to see complete remakes or re,masters of jak and dexter done by bluepoint games because the difficulty on all 3 games is very unbalanced

open world GT not gonna happen maybe a open world drive club 2 done by a new studio

PASBR-2 would be cool but instead of worrying about them copying smash bros they need to go all out and copy smash bros. make it smash bros of ps brand copy and paste sony copy and paste don’t worry about the critics

ape escape regular not VR

and socom 2 needs to be remade by bluepoint games or HD remaster stories of ps2 games with best maps voted by fans from all 3 games


sony told us before psx how they were gonna be yet people still complained and i truly believe sony won’t show anything else besides the 4 exclusives plus the 3rd party/indies. Most of their other announcements might be psx or paris game show

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