Dragon’s Crown Pro (PS4) – Review | SquareXO

Rob Pitt writes: Dragon’s Crown, from Vanillaware, was such an amazing game with beautiful, yet oddly proportioned, artwork and an epic adventure which felt like you were playing a dark, seedy anime at times. Originally released on PS3 and PS Vita back in 2013, the game offered cross-play and cross-save features where you could boot up your game on the PS3, play with your friends on either their PS3 or PS Vita and then transfer the save to your PS Vita and carry on playing on the go. Dragon’s Crown Pro has followed this tradition and also allows owners of the PS3 or PS Vita version to jump in and play co-op with the PS4 version – which is pretty awesome. But other than the presentation and the native 4k, are there any other changes?

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