Rage 2 teaser trailer leaks ahead of official reveal

Repeated leaks continue to surface for Rage 2, leading up to its expected May 14 reveal. While Bethesda is yet to formally acknowledge a follow-up to the 2010 shooter, a series of not-so-subtle teaser images have tailed a premature Walmart Canada listing. It appears these leaks aren’t stopping either – an official teaser trailer has now supposedly leaked online.

The brief trailer supposedly propagated through YouTube advertising, with copies of the trailer reuploaded shortly after. Embracing a quirky persona of neon colors and bizarre post-apocalyptic figures, the video matches the themes of previous teaser images. Marking a significant departure from the first game’s dark but uninspired tones, Bethesda looks to be shaping a bolder approach to the franchise going forward.

With Rage 2’s reveal expected later today, Bethesda appears to be actively issuing takedowns of the trailer on YouTube. Once the full unveiling takes place, we can expect to learn more about the title and how the franchise has evolved for its return.

Details on the game’s release date or platform at yet to be unveiled, though expect to hear more with the game’s announcement. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC releases are expected, with rumors of a Nintendo Switch version.

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