Switch Online Makes Nintendo Look Weak

wonderfulmonkeyman1h ago

And when Nintendo ever does anything paid, the Sony and Micro shills say that Nintendo doesn’t deserve to play by the same rules, that everything Nintendo offers should either be better, be free, or not be at all.
I’ve seen these same people whining like spoiled brats about Nintendo charging for online multiplayer [for less than half the price] when Sony and Microsoft do the same thing and charge far more for it. [for the record, I don’t feel multiplayer should be charged for at all. The free games are enough of a reason to subscribe, if there needs to be a reason at all]

Your drives not breaking doesn’t mean it never happens to others, and if you take such great care of your stuff anyways, then you’re literally not affected by not having free cloud saves in the first place because apparently your stuff never ever breaks no matter what.

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