Chime in: What’s your pick for the best Windows antivirus?

It’s an argument that’s been raging ever since someone first decided they’d like to maliciously mess with PCs way back in the ’80s: What is the best antivirus software? Ask 10 people the question and you might get 10 different answers, making it difficult to pin down one absolute best option. There are certain defining qualities to look out for, but really, it comes down to personal experience.

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Windows Central forum member corvairbob recently started a thread asking what antivirus or malware software our community recommends, and as expected, there are already a handful of differing responses.

corvairbob explains that Chromebooks were the norm for about five years, but a recent switch to Windows 10 has brought this question to the surface. Already installed are free versions of Avast, Spybot, and WhoCrashed, though corvairbob isn’t yet convinced they’re suitable options.

Do you have a suggestion? Is Windows Defender enough to protect a Windows 10 PC, or are there superior alternatives? Head over to the forum and let corvairbob know what you’ve experienced and why you recommend a certain product!

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