Have a refurb Google Pixel from $199.99, for a few more hours

If you haven’t yet purchased a Google Pixel but want to, here’s something for you. For a few more hours, Woot is holding an insane sale on refurbished first-gen Pixels.

The original Pixel starts at $199.99 (with 32GB of storage). Or you can pay $244.99 to get one with 128GB. The Pixel XL is priced at $209.99 with 32GB, and unfortunately you can’t have it with 128GB anymore, stock ran out.

That’s the big caveat here. This deal is only available for a short time, while supplies last – and they very well might run out, because at these prices the phones are hard to resist.

If you’re lucky enough to bag one, know that you’re getting a Verizon unlocked unit which will work in the US on Big Red but also AT&T and T-Mobile. The only downside is the locked bootloader, since update speed hasn’t been affected.


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