OnePlus 6 proves to be a tough cookie in JerryRigEverything durability test

The JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel has put the OnePlus 6 through its series of durability tests. The channel, known (among other things) for scratching, burning and generally hurting any poor, poor smartphone that comes across its path, posted its OnePlus 6 video late yesterday.

The good news for fans is the OnePlus 6 holds up comparatively well during the procedures. There were some initial fears that the switch to a glass rear on the OnePlus 6 might result in a less durable flagship from the company this year, but it doesn’t seem to lead to any particular problems.

The OnePlus 6 display sees scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, with deeper grooves appearing at level 7 — an outcome we typically see on modern flagships — while the phone’s fingerprint scanner is virtually scratch-proof, with host Zack’s knife causing no visible damage.

Zack also notes a thin plastic (or perhaps rubber) layer sits between the display glass and outer metal of the device, offering subtle impact protection in the event of drops; looks like a smart addition from OnePlus.

Critically, the OnePlus 6 survives the bend test at the end of the video that felled the Huawei P20 Pro when it recently went through the same treatment.

Overall, it’s a strong showing from the latest OnePlus flagship and the video inspires confidence for the phone’s real-world durability. For more on the new device, check out our hands-on OnePlus 6 coverage at the link, and download the OnePlus 6 wallpapers here.

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