LG G7 ThinQ off to a good start, 70,000 pre-orders in six days in South Korea

After a longer than expected wait, the LG G7 ThinQ was finally put for sale starting in its home country – South Korea. And according to the local press, the device exceeded the pre-order numbers of the previous G6 model.

The new G7 ThinQ reached 70,000 orders in six days, which is nearly twice as many as the 40,000 G6 units reserved last year. There aren’t quite Galaxy S9 and S9+ sales numbers but it’s the growth will raise some hopes for the mobile division of LG.

There’s still time to see how the device performs in the other parts of the world and it needs to do a lot more to keep the mobile division going as it’s not the most profitable one in the company.


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