Days Gone Dev: We’re Pushing PS4 To Its Limits, We Want To Create Something That’s Best in Class

jhoward58539m ago(Edited 25m ago)

Like Bend studio have stated they’re pushing the Ps4 to the max which is obvious to me based on the video DG gameplay footage I’ve seen so far. The number of freakers that are animated on screen needs a lot of work. Plus, I think “More” isn’t always a good thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having lots of freakers on screen at the same time. But I wonder wheater the PS4 is capable of handling the number of objects on the screen. Also, the number of animated sequences for the freakers are very limited which get boring. Bend need to add more animations sequence to the freakers. But Given the fact that the PS4 CPU is weak worries me. The framerate in DG runs all over the place in the alpha build. Time will tell.

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