State of Decay 2: Known bugs and launch issues

Several bugs hinder the overall experience in State of Decay 2 as of writing, but Undead Labs is hard at work to polish up and fix the finished product.

Here are some of the issues we’ve found, and some of the issues Undead Labs is currently working to fix.

Bugs we’ve found on Xbox & PC

  • Door open/close states are often inaccurate.
  • Inventory access is often broken in multiplayer.
  • Some players are reporting unplayable multiplayer lag, but it could be due to host/client multiplayer infrastructure.
  • Zombies raining from the sky (should be fixed as of May 20, 2018).
  • Host facilities don’t always load in for clients during multiplayer sessions.
  • While driving, sometimes cars appear to crash into an invisible wall (although they might actually be clipping into the floor somehow).
  • Sometimes opening doors can cause you to fall through the floor, although it looks as though Undead Labs accounted for this possibility by teleporting your characters back up to the surface, avoiding perma-death.

Bugs Undead Labs is tracking on Xbox & PC

Here are the bugs Undead Labs is currently tracking on its support site. Undead Labs encourages you to email bug reports and support requests to

  • Infinite loading bug (Xbox).
  • Stuck on black screen during initial load (PC).
  • “Error code 6” PC connectivity issue. Follow the Windows Firewall fixes here as a workaround.

What bugs are you seeing?

Hit the comments below to let us know what bugs and other issues you might have encountered in State of Decay 2, and we’ll email them off to Undead Labs.

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