Chime in: Does Microsoft Edge’s limited feature set keep you from using it?

Microsoft’s built-in browser, Edge, is a constant topic of discussion. The switch from the old stalwart, Internet Explorer, was always going to have its bumps in the road, but we’re now pretty far down the road. And for some, the years of development time since Windows 10 launched still haven’t been enough.

That’s what we’re looking at right now in the Windows Central Forums.

One thing is definitely true: Firefox, Edge, Opera all get updated way more often than Microsoft Edge. With Edge being tied to the OS, you just don’t get as many updates as, say, Chrome, that can push one out weekly if it wishes.

The other browsers also have very robust core features and a huge ecosystem of extensions to make them even better. Edge, too, supports extensions, but the selection is limited at best.

Personally, I’ve never gelled with Edge. Since day one there’s always been something that just pushes me away, and extensions have been one of them. The main ones I use are now on Edge, but every time I try and use it for an extended period, I always find quirks or performance issues that send me running away again. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I’m probably not alone, either.

What about you? Edge diehard? Or were you, too, turned away from it. You know what to do. Hit the forum thread below and let us know!

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