Best Laptop With a Removable Battery

Best business:
Lenovo ThinkPad P52s

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A “mobile workstation” doesn’t exactly sound portable, but the P50s does a great impression of an Ultrabook’s mobility. It weighs in at about four pounds, but you’re getting up to a 15.5-inch, 4K display (a 1080p touch version is also available), an Intel Core i7-8650U processor with a clock speed up to 1.9GHz, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, an NVIDIA Quadro P500 GPU, and a 1TB SSD or HDD — Lenovo also offers a speedy 16 GB Optane PCIe SSD. And included is a second internal battery for hot-swapping on the go. The comfortable ThinkPad keyboard and touchpad make an appearance, and eight ports, including HDMI, Ethernet, and USB, offer plenty of connectivity. Not bad for just over $1,000.

Bottom line: For a great business laptop with a removable battery, check out the ThinkPad P52s.

One more thing: The two batteries are actually installed in the notebook, essentially offering you two power packs for extended use.

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