Huawei’s bootloader unlock service is being shut down

Huawei has quietly announced that it’s discontinuing its bootloader unlock code application service. For every product launched after today, May 24, this will not be available at all. For products released before today, it will continue to work only for the next 60 days. After that, it will be stopped.

Huawei says it’s going to continue to provide you with quality services, but evidently bootloader unlocking is no longer going to be one of them. The stated reason for this move implies that ROM flashing caused various issues. It’s also possible that this service didn’t get a lot of interest from its customers.

After all, we’d venture a guess and say not a lot of people know what a bootloader is or why they’d want to unlock it. Only hardcore flashers of custom ROMs would be interested in the bootloader unlocking procedure, and as Android has matured less and less people are going that route.

On the other hand, if you did actually buy a Huawei phone with the intent of flashing a custom ROM on it, better act fast and unlock its bootloader while you can.

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