Video-Game Console Generations Are Getting Longer: Here’s Why

PhoenixUp23h ago

“In recent years, the video-games console market seems to have taken inspiration from smartphones, offering updates on pre-existing consoles rather than brand new consoles.”

Recently? Dude this isn’t anything new. This kind of thing has been happening in the gaming industry for the past 46 years. When you actually go through the history of the industry for the past four decades you’ll see more systems that got revisions than ones that didn’t, and this was all obviously long before smartphones ever existed or even cell phones for that matter.

“Arguably, it was Nintendo that pioneered this form of console updating.”

Lmao what? Another case of misinformed journalists giving Nintendo credit for something they didn’t pioneer because actual research is too hard.

Gaming consoles have always had revisions of hardware long before Nintendo entered the market. Magnavox & Atari released multiple editions of the Odyssey & Atari 2600 during the 1970s.

“The home console market didn’t feel the trend until recently.”

Oh lord the ignorance of this author is truly nauseating. This person really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is not new it’s been happening since the first generation of gaming. Do research before making BS statements.

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