How Sony Can Surprise Us At This Year’s E3?

Hardiman4h ago

Too late huh?!?! Guess the anticipation and excitement that exists for just a glimpse of gameplay for TLOU2 is lost on you!

Death Stranding is in the same boat and I can’t count the articles I’ve read that are just trying to figure out what it is and having gameplay at E3 would blow the roof off!

Also there’s Ghosts of Tsushima which has been in development for quite some time and again gameplay for it will bring the cheers! Then there’s Spider-Man (which is releasing in September) which is a HUGE exclusive game that will be a massive hit and maybe there’s a Pro bundle that’s announced as well.

Then you have Dreams which will be a real game changer and again excitement is high for it and maybe we get a release date. Also Days Gone will have more info and possibly a release date.

Shadows Die Twice will probably be there. As will Red Dead 2(they have a marketing deal with Sony) and it will be massive as well! Possible RE2 Remake will be shown on Sony’s stage(much like RE7) and that’s another title that has loads of anticipation! Kingdom Hearts 3 could also make the rounds too so I’d say there is more than enough excitement for Sony’s E3 conference and you are in the minority in thinking there isn’t!

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