How Historically Accurate Does Battlefield V Need To Be?

EA and DICE have finally brought their next Battlefield game out of the darkness and into the light for all of gaming kind to see and discuss. The reveal of Battlefield V has gone over well for the most part. The footage shown was impressive, its reveal was followed by announcements heralding the end of the premium pass, reassurances that EA won’t attempt to make this game into another Battlefront II nightmare and confirmation that it will include single player content. Setting the question of whether or not anyone trusts EA at its word anymore aside for the moment, Battlefield V appears to be offering military shooter fans everything they’ve come to expect from the series and more. The only hiccup in all this appears the game’s WWII setting and its depiction of female soldiers on the front lines. Those opposed to it cite the overall lack of female front-line combat troops in WWII and that DICE’s game isn’t historically accurate in its inclusion of them. While that is true, this begs another, larger question: how historically accurate does a game like Battlefield V really need to be?

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