OnePlus 6 removed the Always On Display feature just before launch

OnePlus has strong opinions about what its users want – and it’s not wireless charging and not an Always On Display either. The feature was available on pre-release units, but was disabled with the very first update. Apparently, the battery life trade-off was deemed too great.

The now-removed Always On Display option

The now-removed Always On Display option

Here’s a (now deleted) response from OnePlus:

We have an official update from our Technical Team confirming that always on display on OnePlus 6 was removed due to battery saving concern.

We hope that this clarifies your concern. Let us know if there’s anything else.

Regards,OnePlus Customer Support

Now, we’re not saying that OnePlus is wrong – many just don’t care for Always On. Still, with its motto of “Never Settle”, you’d think that OnePlus will still leave it as an option, even if it is with a bright warning label saying that the battery life will take a hit.

Thanks to Aparajita for sending this in!

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