Pandora offers new $15/month Family plan

In 2016, Pandora unveiled its $5/month Plus subscription service, then in 2017 it launched the $10/month Premium service. Now there’s a third option – Premium Family, which costs just $15/month and can be shared by up to 6 people. That is essentially the same deal you get from Spotify’s and Apple Music’s family plans (though Apple’s is for only 5 people).

Each person on the Family plan gets same benefits as the individual Premium plan – offline listening, no ads, high-quality audio. Each can set up their own custom radio stations and playlists. You can make the switch by heading to your Subscription settings and selecting the new plan.

Monthly cost Max users
Pandora $15 6
Spotify $15 6
Apple Music $15 5
Google Play Music $15 5

Pandora has been trailing Spotify and Apple music in total subscriptions and is well behind on paid subscriptions (6 million vs. 75 million for Spotify). This new plan is effectively a discount, which will help bolster those numbers.


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