Best Xbox One Controller of 2018

Best retro:
Hyperkin Duke

See at Microsoft Store

Hyperkin and Xbox teamed up to revive the classic OG Xbox controller, known affectionately as the “Duke.”

The Duke was a hulking beast of a wired controller, sporting huge Xbox branding and, at the time, unique triggers and joystick placements. Microsoft has iterated on this classic design giving us the controllers we have today, but if you want to experience OG Xbox back compat games as they were intended, you have to buy this controller.

It’s extremely well made, sports several modernizing refinements across the board, including 3.5mm audio and shoulder buttons, and also has a gorgeous OLED display in the center, which showcases the OG Xbox boot animation on every press. This controller is a stunner at $70, and well worth a place in any Xbox fan’s home. It feels as though it came straight out of Microsoft’s own labs.

Bottom line: Retro gaming at its finest.

One more thing: It even comes with white and black buttons for those OG Xbox games!

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