T-Mobile resumes Oreo update for the LG V30

It’s a story as old as Android Oreo – the update is announced, it starts rolling out and then someone hits pause. It has happened to several phones now, including LG V30 phones on T-Mobile US. But it is all okay now, V30 and V30+ phones can once again update to Android v8.0.

Before you head to Settings > About, check that you’re running McAfee Security for T-Mobile version 4.9 or higher. Otherwise, the update will not be available to you.

T-Mobile resumes Oreo update for the LG V30

Also, note that T-Mobile has set daily limits to limit network congestion. So if you can’t download the update today, try again tomorrow, it could be because the limit was reached. Those limits will be lifted on July 3.

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