Google’s Project Fi adds LG G7 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ, and Moto G6 to its roster

Google’s own carrier experiment in the US, Project Fi, is adding three new smartphones to its roster, as announced today. These are the LG G7 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ, and Moto G6.

The V35 ThinQ was made official by LG and AT&T earlier today, and it will land at Fi sometime next month, alongside the G7 ThinQ. Meanwhile, the Moto G6 is already up for pre-order at Google’s carrier.

It can be yours for just $199, or $8.29 per month, even though it’s typically found elsewhere for $249. The G7 will be priced at $749 or $31.21 per month, and the V35 will go for $899 or $37.46 per month. The installments all last two years.


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