Renders of the Lenovo Z5 show the front-facing camera

Surprisingly, this time around the latest Lenovo Z5 info comes from a leak and not from the company’s VP. All the information we have on the device so far was officially teased from the Lenovo’s official, but now something extra has slipped through the cracks.

The renders show the promised nearly bezel-less display with a small chin on the bottom. This is in line with the previous teasers showing nothing but screen and thankfully no notch. They also reveal how Lenovo has tackled the front-facing camera and the accompanying sensors problem.

Lenovo Z5 press renders
Lenovo Z5 press renders

Lenovo Z5 press renders

Just like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the upcoming Lenovo Z5 will incorporate the front-facing camera, the ambient sensor, and probably the proximity sensor, on the chin. The earpiece is missing, obviously, so we suspect some kind of tech similar to the one driving the Mi Mix with the vibrating screen replacing the speaker.


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