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Welcome to the 264th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • The next Reigns game is close to launch. It uses a lot of the same mechanics as the previous two games. However, this one comes with a Game of Thrones theme. It lets you play as characters from the show and often decide their fates. It features simple game play mechanics. You swipe cards away Tinder-style to make decisions. The game is more difficult than that, though. You will die often as a result of your decision making. In any case, the game is up for pre-registration on Google Play. Hit the link to learn more!
  • Plex is launching a new web shows feature soon. It should work a lot like Plex’s podcast service. It delivers the shows to your device for free and you watch them as you normally would. The service has a bunch of genres, including Home & Garden, Food, Science, Tech, Entertainment, and more. There are even some popular content creators like Epic Meal Time and ASAPscience. The beta should be available now for Plex users. It should also be available to those without a Plex Pass or a personal library.
  • YouTube ads are about to get worse. Google recently expanded its TrueView ad service to include more interactive ads. Those ads are coming to YouTube as well. A few large companies already signed up for it. They seem to be working, though. Vodaphone announced an uptick in ad clicks by using this new service. However, that means the ads become more plentiful and, by extension, more annoying. Just remember that these ads pay the YouTubers you watch. Or you can pay for YouTube’s monthly premium service to avoid them altogether. There are more, less palatable options, but you already know them.
  • Facebook announced a new hack this last week. It compromised the accounts of over 50 million users. Facebook handled it surprisingly well with all things considered. They fixed the breach quickly and immediately logged out every affected Facebook user. This severed the connection hackers had to their profile. Facebook forcibly logged out over 90 million accounts in total. That includes the 50 million compromised accounts and 40 million more as a precaution. The worry is over, although some are mad about the breach exposing sensitive data.
  • Microsoft is doing some excellent things in the app space. That includes the new Your Phone app. Microsoft officially soft-launched the app in a beta update this week. It’s kind of a neat experience. You can use it to answer texts and view photos from your phone on your Windows laptop or desktop. Some demos showed Snapchat usage and other stuff as well. The early beta for all of us includes only the texts and photos, though. It’s early and it needs work, but it’s actually really neat to use. We’ll have more details when we check it out.

Inware is an information app for your phone. It quickly shows a variety of fun facts about your phone. That includes software version, pre-loaded Android version, display details (resolution, size, etc), specs, camera details, and more. Our favorite feature of this is the ability to quickly show if a phone supports Treble or Seamless Update support. The UI is simple, minimal, and excellent. Otherwise, that’s about it for this one. It’s a simple app that does exactly one thing and does it as well as it possibly can. The app is also in early development and is also entirely free.


If we missed any big Android app or game news or releases, tell us about them in the comments! You can also check out our weekly podcast by clicking here!

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