Blizzard Rep Confirms Diablo III Cross-Platform Play

ImGumbyDammit2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

For me this would be an example of why cross-play is great. I am not into Fortnite. However, I do love me a good smash session with friends on Diablo. I bought it on Xbox and several friends have it on Xbox and even to this day we play online together. My nephew has it on his PS4 and if cross-play comes there I can add him to the list of possible gamers and play with him. I also have Switch but wasn’t going to buy it again and start over but, this may change my mind especially if it comes with cross-progression. That means I can play on the run with friends on other systems and play it on Xbox when I am at home. I am actually excited seeing this cross-play become a reality.

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